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Client Portal
This portal is our interface with our clients. To utilize the functions available in this portal, we provide each client with their own unique login ID and password. This will control the use of specific areas and functions that are set up for each client. Within these reserved areas and functions, each client can control what each of their users has access to.

The areas and functions are listed below:

We will set up a secure folder on our server to allow the transfer of files between each client and Harty. This area will provide the instructions for you to get to your secure folder in order to transfer files.

Online Ordering
For those documents and templates that are used frequently, we will provide the capability for our clients to order them online, within their own secure area. We can set up predefined static documents, documents with static portions and the capability to include variable content, and empty document templates that will allow for the uploading of high-res PDFs to determine the content. When items are ordered utilizing this method, the documents are ready for proofing online and then go directly to our digital press. This saves several steps of manual effort for our client's and Harty's personnel, resulting in a much quicker turnaround and reduced cost.