25 James Street New Haven, CT 06513 
What our website is all about
Our website is built to be the hub of communications with our clients. We will manage our activity with our prospects and clients through the database that is linked to our site. This will control the automatic communications that are triggered from the website. The database will control all one-time and ongoing requests for information or educational pieces. As we add new white papers, newsletters, demos or webinars to our site, we will notify those people that requested this notification. Our blog area, which is linked to our Facebook page, will continue to be updated with pertinent information and discussions relating to the latest thinking, trends and developments in areas that would be of interest to our clients. When we build campaigns for our clients, it will be done through our website. We can set up and schedule campaigns that take full advantage of multiple channels while coordinating email blasts, direct mail, personalized websites, mobile interface with QR codes and Augmented Reality. We can then track our results, allowing us to improve our next campaign.