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Large Insurance Provider
Client Scenario:
  • A large insurer has a network of 1,500 agents selling to 1.8 million members in over 14,000 councils.
  • The agents were responsible for coordinating the printing of the pieces being mailed to their client list.
Business Problem:
  • The agents were managing their own efforts to communicate with their members.
  • Many agents were not communicating enough with their council members.
  • Management was not able to track the marketing activity of the agents.
Solution Strategy:
  • Harty created a custom online ordering system for the agents.
  • All council membership data was made available online, so the agents could build lists of their assigned members.
  • The agents could also upload lists that they had built on their own computers.
  • The agents could then select from a series of postcards and schedule mailings utilizing the lists they had assembled on the online storefront.
  • Each piece was personalized with the agent’s contact information.
  • The agents were also given the option to participate in a monthly birthday mailing. From each of their lists, the system selected those members that had their birthday in the coming month. A birthday card was automatically sent from the participating agents.
  • This custom online system made it much easier for each agent to communicate with their assigned council members.
  • Management was now able to monitor each agent’s activity and help them to achieve their goals.

All communications to the council members now had consistent branding because all the content was centrally controlled.