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Personalized URLS or PURLs are website landing pages that are unique to each visitor, which allows customers and prospects to fully engage in a two-way, personalized communication. The content on these personalized Web pages is totally controlled by you. They are branded with your look and feel, as well as the content to help achieve the results you want.  This is part of a multi-channel campaign. All user actions are captured so that you will be able analyze what they did on the site, responses to questions asked, and updating of their contact information (e.g. email address), and update your database with the results.

Here is an example to explain the concept:

You want to market your vacation resort to a wide array of prospects. You have three demographics: young singles, families and elderly couples. You know you can't show night club life to the family or the elderly couples. You can't show your children's activities to the singles and elderly, etc. With PURL marketing, you can get the correct message in front of the correct demographic. All three groups visit the site and get a totally different experience. The singles would be shown the night life, the families would be shown all the family activities, and the elderly couples would be shown how you cater to them. All this is done on the same site. Each segment of your database has a more relevant experience that is geared toward them.

You can track virtually anything in these campaigns. At a glance, you'll be able to see exactly what each visitor is doing. You can produce any report on the data captured, as well as update your database, so you can best leverage this information for future campaigns and sales leads/calls. There are any number of triggers associated with these campaigns. The system will send you an email or text to notify you someone is on the site and, of course, who it is.

A GURL (Generalized URL) also sends you to landing pages, but they are not personalized for an individual. These are used for campaigns where you don't have a database of names, but are doing general advertising like a space ad. Someone can go to this site, but would have to enter all their contact information for you to be able to communicate with them in the future. You can still ask questions and log their responses, as in the PURLs.