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Target Marketing
One of the fastest growing trends in business today is the adoption of Customer Relation Management (CRM) and personalized marketing. Its focus is to identify, acquire and retain the best customers for profitable growth. To achieve this, business documents must communicate with prospective customers in a personalized and individually targeted manner. Making a connection with your prospect or customer will help you achieve increased response rates, retention and loyalty. That's what personalized marketing is all about.

More and more businesses are starting to include targeted messaging in their documents and other communication. Based on this trend, customers are experiencing more personalization, overall, in their day-to-day lives. Merchant and business vendors are sending out targeted offerings in print and online in an effort to gain market share.

One could argue that there's still plenty of time to jump on the targeted marketing bandwagon. So what's the risk of waiting a little bit longer? The risk increases over time. As more and more companies utilize and refine their use of targeted communications, documents without relevant content look even more generic in comparison. There begins to be a message (perceived or real) that another company understands them better.

Harty has helped many clients to build a more comprehensive database to utilize for more relevant marketing messaging and to achieve a better ROI from their marketing dollars. Contact us so we can help you attain similar results.