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Data can help you address a wide variety of marketing opportunities and challenges, facilitating information sharing to get tasks done more effectively and efficiently, and powering automated systems. Data empowers a move to one-to-one marketing based upon consumers' actual behaviors and preferences. Beyond that, it can help you uncover new niche audiences by grouping people based on behaviors and interests rather than traditional demographics. Some other benefits of data include:
  • Retain and upsell existing customers.
  • Identifying new customers.
  • Revealing new marketing opportunities.
  • Driving more profitable advertising.
  • Measuring the impact of campaigns more accurately.
Data can help you better understand how different media contribute to campaign performance, uncovering both opportunities and inefficiencies. By tracking your campaign responses and updating your database, you can learn how effectively each channel drives toward your desired objective, leading to better informed budget allocations and improved ROI.

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