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Gift-Giving Systems
We offer an online gift-giving system that will allow a donor to give a gift to your organization in honor of someone else. This service includes receiving the payment and crediting it to your account, sending the gift recipient a personalized card from the donor, and sending the donor a thank-you card for their donation. The only effort required by your organization is to promote the site, which Harty can also help you accomplish. You can view a demo of the site HERE.

We can take payments through PayPal or whatever payment gateway you currently have. You can have any reporting function you might need to track and maintain your donations and overall fundraising efforts. We allow you to download your data, in the format that you need it, so that it can be used to update your CRM system. Those that receive the gift can also be added to your prospect list, if you choose to do so, for possible future‚Äč donations.