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PURL & GURL Campaigns
Personalized URLS or PURLs are website landing pages that are unique to each visitor, trackable, and engage customers and prospects far more than traditional Web-based landing pages.

Here is the scenario: You want to market your vacation resort to a wide array of prospects. You have three demographics - young singles, families and elderly couples. You know you can't show club night life to the family or the elderly couples. You can't show your children's activities to the singles and elderly, etc. With PURL marketing, you can get the correct message in front of the correct demographic. All three groups would visit the site and get a totally different experience. The singles would be shown the night life, the families would be shown all the family activities, and the elderly couples would be shown how you cater to them - all in the same site. It's targeted marketing and is far more successful than traditional general marketing efforts.

You can have virtually anything tracked in these campaigns. At a glance, you'll be able to see exactly what each visitor is doing. This helps greatly in tweaking the campaign to get its maximum effectiveness. You can produce any report on the data captured, so you can best leverage it for future campaigns and sales leads/calls. There are any number of triggers that can be associated with these campaigns. You could have an email or text sent notifying you that someone is on the site and, of course, who it is.

A GURL is very similar to a PURL, but a GURL is a Generalized URL. You won't know who is on the site, but it is a great way to get new data on prospects you didn't have before.